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Category Archives: Youtube

Work Comp Matters - Private Attorneys General Act

By Turchin Law |

Tom Manzo has a company with over 200 employees, and he treated them very well for many years. Unfortunately, he got hit with a “PAGA” law suit and had to pay out a million dollars in fines and penalties. Additionally, his employees only received a fraction of the settlement. Thereafter, he started a non profit… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Sanctuary State

By Turchin Law |

President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the entire United States Government have filed a law suit against the State of California for being a Sanctuary State and protecting illegal aliens. In this show, Steve, Mike, and Robert discuss what it means to be a Sanctuary State fighting a war against the United… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Guns

By Turchin Law |

Clearly, the most important topic facing all our communities today is guns. In this episode, Steve, Mike, Ted, and Robert bring a unique spin to the topic and also some much needed common sense to this hotly debated topic. Also as always, the boys talk about the news of the week regarding marijuana, autonomous cars, the homeless,… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Gov’t Shutdown

By Turchin Law |

Steve, Mike, Robert, and Ted talk about the government shutdown, Daca, the homeless, autonomous self driving cars, legal marijuana, in addition to some talk, some news, and hopefully some answers about work comp matters.

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