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What is a MPN (Medical Provider Network)?

A Medical Provider Network is a group of physicians throughout the State of California who agree to treat patients for work-related injuries that are directed to them through the Network. Every self-insured employer or insurance company has the right to choose to be part of a certified MPN. The Network includes physicians who practice in all different types of medical specialties to treat various medical conditions from the most common orthopedic issues to the post complex neurosurgical cases. So long as the insurance company has not unreasonably denied your right to medical treatment, you will be required by law to either treat within the MPN or to pay for your own medical care outside of the MPN if you so choose.

The doctors that apply for these Networks vary just like any group of doctors in the workers’ compensation community. Some doctors are far more liberal than others in terms of their care of patients. Some doctors seek to receive approval for diagnostic tests to ensure that every base is covered to ensure that their patients are properly diagnosed while other physicians are far more conservative in their approach and seek to move as quickly as possible with the hidden goal to release their patient without restriction to return back to whatever prior work activities he or she had performed before their personal injury.

Sometimes this approach works perfectly fine, but many times we see that medical conditions were not diagnosed properly and end up causing more problems down the line than if the injured worker had been treated properly to begin with. It is these types of circumstances that make legal assistance so vital to ensure the you receive the best medical care possible. At TURCHIN LAW, we are familiar with many of the physicians listed in the various Medical Provider Networks in Southern California. As to those doctors that we are not familiar with, we have colleagues throughout the State and routinely exchange information to keep updated on which doctors are best suited to provide medical care to our clients. We continuously seek feedback from our clients as to the care that they have received to make sure that our future clients are best protected based upon as much information as possible on the treating doctors in the State of California. At TURCHIN LAW, we recognize the importance of giving our clients the best opportunity to receive top–level medical care so that they can benefit from that care to return to work and minimize their disability to ensure a longer and healthier life.

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