Meet Turchin Law

You will never have a problem communicating with or receiving a timely response from Turchin Law.

Our decision to leave the defense industry to fight for injured workers was also borne out of seeing how far too many attorneys representing injured workers treat their clients. If you have ever known someone who has had to deal with a serious work injury, just ask them about their experience with their lawyer.

“I have left message after message for my attorney with no return phone call.”

“I don’t think the doctors my attorney recommended really care about me or are even trying to get me better.”

“I feel like nobody at my attorneys’ office really cares about my case.”

“I am just a number to my lawyer.”

These complaints are often caused by law offices that are overworked and understaffed. At Turchin Law, our polices mandate a return phone call within a business day and, wherever possible, your call is answered immediately or is at least returned the same day. You will have email access to us as well if you prefer to communicate that way. Whatever method, open communication is the key to keeping our clients happy and updated about the progress of their case which we understand is a major part of our practice.