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The community of North Hills in the City of Los Angeles, California has had few different names over the past century. Originally known as the agricultural community of Mission Acres, it was later renamed Sepulveda after the second World War. In the latter half of the 1990s, it was then renamed North Hills.

Like many communities in the Los Angeles area, North Hills has been featured in a number of different television shows and movies. Some of the most popular include Grey’s Anatomy, My Name is Earl, and The Nick Cannon Show.

The Areas Most Affected by Workplace Injury

The majority of those working in the entertainment and media are not the actors and stunt doubles who may be performing extreme acts when filming a television show or a movie. Most of those working in North Hills are in an office-like setting.

Between the year 2000 and 2014, these were the leading workplace injuries:

  • Lower back: 1.2 million injuries
  • Fingers: 917,148 injuries
  • Knee: 682,447 injuries
  • Hands (not fingers or wrists): 635,651 injuries
  • Shoulder: 531,834 injuries
  • Wrist: 471,894 injuries
  • Eyes 409,316 injuries

Repetitive Stress Injuries on the Rise

Workers often associate workplace injury with a single accident which happens at a specific date and time, such as cutting their hand with a box cutter or tripping over a loose wire. But a workplace injury does not have to be the result of an isolated event.

A growing number of injuries in the workplace are repetitive stress injuries or RSIs. In order for a RSI to develop, a worker will need to perform the same motion several times a day. Over a period of days, weeks, months or years, the effect of performing this same action time and time again can take a serious toll on a workers’ health and can result in pain and disability.

Who Is at Risk?

In recent years, those who are at the greatest risk of developing a RSI are those who work in front of a computer. The most common type of RSI today involves the arms and the hands as workers spend their day repeating the same motions at their desk and keyboard over and over again with little rest. Reaching and operating a mouse can also result in a RSI.

If you believe that you have suffered an RSI as a result of your job, the Turchin Law Firm can help. Located in Van Nuys, we help ensure that all injured workers receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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These directions are from Google Maps starting from:
North Hills, CA
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  1. Get on I-405 S
  2. Head south on Woodley Ave towards Nordhoff St
  3. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Nordhoff St
  4. Turn right to merge onto I-405 S
  5. Follow I-405 S to Haskell Ave. Take exit 65 from I-405 S
  6. Merge onto I-405 S
  7. Take exit 65 towards Victory Blvd/Van Nuys
  8. Take Victory Blvd to Van Nuys Blvd
  9. Use any lane to turn left onto Haskell Ave
  10. Turn left onto Victory Blvd
  11. Turn right onto Van Nuys Blvd
  12. Destination will be on the left

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