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Recent Blog Posts

I think I’ve been injured at work, now what?

By Turchin Law |

Consult an attorney Consulting with a workers compensation attorney who will guide you through the process can help maximize your end result for your work injury claim, click here to have someone call you back or call 818-230-3110. Steps to Take When You Suspect You Have Been Injured at Work Many workplace injuries are obvious while others may… Read More »

Types of compensation available for work injury

By Turchin Law |

Temporary disability benefits pay you for time off of work which is based upon a calculation of 2/3 of your average weekly wages payable for a maximum of 104 weeks (2 years) over a 5 year period. Permanent disability benefits are intended to pay you for any injuries that do not fully heal and… Read More »

How do I know if I was injured at work?

By Turchin Law |

Believe it or not, whether you are injured at work is not always a clear question. Generally speaking, there are two types of injuries recognized in California: Specific injuries and cumulative trauma injuries. A specific injury typically occurs on a specific date at a specific time. You bend over and lift something to find… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Private Attorneys General Act

By Turchin Law |

Tom Manzo has a company with over 200 employees, and he treated them very well for many years. Unfortunately, he got hit with a “PAGA” law suit and had to pay out a million dollars in fines and penalties. Additionally, his employees only received a fraction of the settlement. Thereafter, he started a non profit… Read More »

Why hire Turchin Law for your Work Injury Case?

By Turchin Law |

Turchin Law is different because our lawyers spent decades as insurance company insiders and know exactly how the insurance company and your employer are evaluating your case. Turchin Law was born out of decades of working for employers and insurance companies. What does it mean to hire a workers comp lawyer who has decades of… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Sanctuary State

By Turchin Law |

President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the entire United States Government have filed a law suit against the State of California for being a Sanctuary State and protecting illegal aliens. In this show, Steve, Mike, and Robert discuss what it means to be a Sanctuary State fighting a war against the United… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Guns

By Turchin Law |

Clearly, the most important topic facing all our communities today is guns. In this episode, Steve, Mike, Ted, and Robert bring a unique spin to the topic and also some much needed common sense to this hotly debated topic. Also as always, the boys talk about the news of the week regarding marijuana, autonomous cars, the homeless,… Read More »

Work Comp Matters - Gov’t Shutdown

By Turchin Law |

Steve, Mike, Robert, and Ted talk about the government shutdown, Daca, the homeless, autonomous self driving cars, legal marijuana, in addition to some talk, some news, and hopefully some answers about work comp matters.

California Law Makes It Easier for Undocumented Immigrants to Win Lost Wages

By Turchin Law |

A new California law is making it easier for undocumented immigrants to receive payouts for their personal injury cases. Prior to this law’s passage, undocumented immigrants’ claims of lost wages in personal injury cases were based on the wages of their home country. This meant that the lost wages awarded were significantly less than… Read More »

AIG Admits to Mishandling Workers’ Compensation Claim

By Turchin Law |

American International Group (AIG) is in the spotlight after the NBC4 I-Team revealed that the mishandling of a claim could have significantly impacted the health and well-being of an injured worker. Ramon Contreras, a forklift operator at Epmar Corp, suffered injuries to various parts of his body on April 27 including his head, chest,… Read More »

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