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Originally known as Marian in 1912, the neighborhood of Reseda in the San Fernando Valley was later renamed after a fragrant plant which still grows in the area today. In the 1930s the population wavered around 2,000 residents, with it then increasing to well over 4,000 ten years later. After World War II, the area experienced rapid development and became one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley.

Today nearly 75,000 individuals live in the area with the average household income being close to $54,000. A large portion of these individuals support the local and national economy by working in a variety of jobs throughout the Los Angeles Basin and to the south. They rely on Workers’ compensation should they sustain a workplace related injury.

Specific Injuries VS Cumulative Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance providers generally recognize two different types of injuries which someone may suffer from at work:

  • Specific (or acute) injury
  • Cumulative (or repetitive) injury

A specific injury is one where an employee recognizes that he or she is injured immediately. For example, if you trip and twist your ankle or are involved in an accident while making a delivery for your employer, those would be examples of a specific injury.

A cumulative or repetitive injury is one which gradually develops over time. These typically affect the soft tissues of the body, such as muscles and tendons.

When to Report a Cumulative Injury

Unlike a specific injury, you likely do not know what your exact “date of injury” for a cumulative injury. As soon as you suspect or learn that your injury is caused by your job, report it to your employer. Reporting your injury as soon as you are aware of it will prevent any delays in receiving benefits and medical care.

How to Handle a Disputed Claim

An employer may not believe that your gradual injury occurred because of the duties you perform while in the workplace, or they may argue that there could be other lifestyle factors contributing to your injury.

The workers’ compensation insurance provider may also dispute your claim. In this case you will receive a letter from the insurance company advising you that your benefits are being denied.

In either event, speaking with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is your next best step. The Turchin Workers’ Compensation law firm in Los Angeles provides free consultations to anyone who has been injured on the job or who has questions about their claim.

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These directions are from Google Maps starting from:
Reseda, CA
Total Est. Time: 22 min
Total Est. Distance: 18.4 mi

  1. Get on US-101 S
  2. Head south on Reseda Blvd toward Sherman Way
  3. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Burbank Blvd
  4. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto the U.S. 101 E ramp
  5. Follow US-101 S and CA-134 E to N Pacific Ave in Glendale. Take exit 7A from CA-134 E
  6. Merge onto US-101 S
  7. Keep left at the fork to continue on CA-134 E, follow signs for Burbank/Pasadena
  8. Take exit 7A for Pacific Ave
  9. Continue on N Pacific Ave. Drive to Arden Ave
  10. Turn left onto N Pacific Ave
  11. Turn right onto Arden Ave
  12. Destination will be on the left

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