I screwed up my shoulder at work and didn’t think I could get any money because the injury was partly my fault. Turchin Law reminded me fault didn’t matter. They got me a lot of money, and they always treated me with respect even though I am just a hard working blue collar laborer.

Robert S

I worked outside for over 10 years and developed cancer because of sun exposure. I did not know that this was work related until I went to see Turchin Law. The insurance company denied my cancer was work related, and Turchin Law went to court and got an award from the judge saying my cancer is work related. Turchin Law got me all the benefits the insurance company refused to give me, and I now have all my cancer treatment paid by the insurance company for the rest of my life! As far as I am concerned, this is worth MILLIONS!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Turchin Law

B. P.

I was represented by Turchin Law for my workers compensation case. The entire office worked very diligently as a team to get me a very large 6 figure settlement. They always returned my calls quickly and provided me updated status on my case whenever I requested. Without a doubt, I would recommend Turchin Law to anyone seeking legal representation for a workers compensation or personal injury matter.

A. Hill


I suffered a devastating work related injury, and my claims adjuster was very nice at first providing me all the benefits I was entitled to. Shortly thereafter, she started denying some of my benefits that had always been provided since I got out of the hospital. Also, she stopped returning my phone calls. I asked a friend if she knew of anybody that could help, and she referred me to Turchin law. Turchin Law fought tooth & nail for me to get medical treatment, medication, temporary disability, permanent disability, paid transportation, and I received a structured settlement that continues to pay me for over 10 years!

I recommend Turchin Law to anyone needing legal advice.

H. Brown