If you have suffered an on the job injury, you must take certain steps to protect your claim.

After suffering an injury at work, your first action should be to report the injury to your supervisor or someone in authority at your employer. Within 24 hours of reporting the injury to your employer, you should be provided with a Claim Form that needs to be filled out and returned to your employer in order to trigger their responsibility to investigate your claim. Once your Claim Form is submitted, your employer has 90 days in which to investigate your claim and either admit or deny that your injury occurred at work. If you employer fails to provide you with a Claim Form, it is imperative that you contact TURCHIN LAW so that the Claim Form can be completed and submitted properly to trigger the requirement that an investigation be conducted by the insurance company.

Once you report your injury at work, you should be offered medical treatment and, if you are not, you should ask for same. If your employer indicates that you are not entitled to a medical evaluation, you should confirm same with your employer, in writing, as this is a prohibited denial of your right to see a physician following a claim of personal injury. We strongly advise you to call or email TURCHIN LAW at your earliest convenience so that your rights are fully protected and your claim was established as soon as possible.