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The neighborhood of Encino in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California was first explored by Europeans in 1769 during the Spanish Portola expedition. A missionary traveling with the group named Fray Juan Crespi named the valley “El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos”. The area later simply became known as “Encino” when Rancho Los Encinos was established in 1845.

As of 2008 the state of California estimated that there were 44,581 residents living in Encino with the median age being 42. This age is considerably higher when compared to both city and county neighborhoods. The number of residents who are aged 50 or older are also among the highest in the entire county.

The Importance of Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

According to one study the median age for an American retiring today is at the age of 62. Today many workers who are aged 50 and older are planning to retire a bit later (with the median age being 67), but the fact remains that being injured in the workplace may not only result in long term discomfort. It may also have significant financial repercussions as well.

The study performed by the American Advisors Group found that the average American has only $57,000 saved for retirement. This number pales in comparison to the $200,000 or more the average retired adult will spend on healthcare alone.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim in a timely manner means protecting your health as well as your financial well-being today and in the future. In many situations it is advised that older individuals as well as those with pre-existing conditions seek legal guidance so that they can ensure that their injury or condition resulting from their time in the workplace will continue to be covered by the insurance company.

Finding the Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The right workers’ compensation attorney should not only be well-versed in workers’ compensation law. The attorney who will be able to best protect your health and serve your needs is an attorney who has years of experience in your specific industry and who has the resources to prove the current and future extent of your injuries.

Turchin proudly represents workers in Southern California and explores all avenues to make sure that fair compensation is received for their injuries and illnesses.

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  3. Turn right onto the US 101 E ramp
  4. Merge onto US-101 S
  5. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 17 for Van Nuys Blvd
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