Arleta is a community in the 6th City Council district of Los Angeles, California. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Arleta is ethnically diverse with the majority of inhabitants having Mexican or El Salvadorian roots and many others being born outside of the United States.

As of the 2000 US census just over 31,000 people lived in the community. It was estimated that the population grew by 1600 residents or so as of 2008.

The popular fashion company, Juicy Couture, has chosen Arleta for its headquarters, though the majority of residents work in other occupations within the San Fernando Valley. There are still some aerospace technology and nuclear research companies in the area, but now the economy is largely supported by adult entertainment, utility and infrastructure-related organizations.

California and Undocumented Workers

An undocumented worker (often referred to as an “illegal alien”) is defined as an individual who:

  1. Has not provided their employer with necessary identification to verify that their legal status or that they are able to legally work in the United States
  2. Is working off the payroll

It has been estimated that there are 6.5 million undocumented immigrant workers in our country today. These individuals are often exploited and victimized in a number of ways, including:

  • Being denied a promised wage (including minimum wage, overtime pay and pay for work performed)
  • The right to work in a healthy and safe environment
  • The right to be free from any type of discrimination
  • The right to receive workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job

Statistics have shown that of all workers who were fired once their Social Security Numbers could not be verified, 25% were fired for complaining about working in unsafe working conditions.

Are Undocumented Workers Protected in California?

The state of California expressly covers undocumented workers in their compensation statutes. This means that if an undocumented worker is injured in our state, then workers’ compensation will cover that claim. For instance, if a homeowner has a contractor working on their property who has hired an undocumented worker, the homeowner would not be liable and workers compensation would cover any expenses.

Receiving Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have been injured on the job and have been denied coverage or disagree with the compensation being offered by the insurance company, contact a workers’ compensation attorney. Turchin has offered expert guidance and has handled workers’ compensation claims in the Los Angeles area for a number of years.

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