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The neighborhood of Studio City in the city of Los Angeles was once known as Laurelwood. The name of the area was changed in 1927. As of the 2000 US census there were just over 34,000 residents within area’s 6.31 square miles, with many being notable people such as Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, and William Shatner.

As the name of the area suggests, Studio City is a hub of filming and other entertainment industries. CBS Studio Center, for example, sits within the borders of the community. But the majority of jobs in the area are service jobs such as working in retail, in the food industry, and working for the city of Los Angeles.

Returning to Work after a Workplace Injury

If you have been injured in the workplace, your employer has the responsibility of staying in regular contact with you to monitor the progression of your healing. This contact also allows your employer to devise a suitable “return to work” plan which will accommodate your injuries and/or disability.

Return to work plans may include a variety of items, including:

  • Modified duties
  • Modified hours
  • More breaks
  • Additional tools/equipment to help you perform your job

Fighting Against a Return-to-Work Schedule

Many injured workers face a difficult scenario: their doctor says that they are healthy enough to return to work on a modified duties schedule, but the worker does not yet feel healthy enough or the worker disagrees with the hours and the duties.

No one knows your body better than you do. The problem is that when a treating doctor states that a worker can return to work in any capacity (with restrictions or not), the compensation payments will come to an end.

Many workers have been prematurely released back to work or have had to face unfair and unhealthy return to work duties and hours. This only results in further injury, pain, and suffering for the worker.

Have Turchin by Your Side

Turchin Workers Compensation lawyers help to protect the rights of employees in the Los Angeles area. We have the resources necessary to reexamine your case and ensure that your health will not be compromised by your returning to work.

Our years of experience in workers compensation law allows us to ensure that you only return to work when you are healthy and able. To speak to a workers compensation attorney without obligation, we invite you to give us a call today at (818) 266-5601.


These directions are from Google Maps starting from:
Studio City, CA
Total Est. Time: 15 min
Total Est. Distance: 8.6 mi

  1. Get on CA-134 E from Ventura Blvd and Vineland Ave
  2. Head southeast on Laurelwood Dr toward Sunshine Terrace
  3. Turn left onto Sunshine Terrace
  4. Sharp left onto Picturesque Dr
  5. Sharp right onto Blue Canyon Dr
  6. Turn right onto Ventura Blvd
  7. Turn left onto Vineland Ave
  8. Turn right onto Riverside Dr
  9. Turn left to merge onto CA-134 E
  10. Follow CA-134 E to N Pacific Ave in Glendale. Take exit 7A from CA-134 E
  11. Merge onto CA-134 E
  12. Take exit 7A for Pacific Ave
  13. Continue on N Pacific Ave. Drive to Arden Ave
  14. Turn left onto N Pacific Ave
  15. Turn right onto Arden Ave
  16. Destination will be on the left

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