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The suburban community of Lake View Terrace lies in the north east quadrant of the City of Los Angeles, California. Accessible by the Foothill Freeway, it is one of the very view residential areas in the city where private homes can keep horses. As Carol Ford, former president of the Valley Horse Owners Association once said, if you do not enjoy the smell of horses and other livestock, you should not live in Lake View Terrace.

Lake View Terrace has enjoyed some popularity in modern culture, having gained international attention after the beating of Rodkey King by LAPD officers in 1991. It was also the setting of the movie “Lakeview Terrace” which starred Samuel L. Jackson, although the area used for the neighborhood was Walnut, California.

The Los Angeles Time’s “Mapping L.A.” project conducted in 2008 found that Lake View Terrace had a population of 12,719. The household median income was $67,985. With there being only 2,790 people per square mile, it is easily amongst the lowest densities for the city and the entire county.

Agricultural Industries Amongst the Most Hazardous

While Lake View Terrace is not entirely an agricultural community, many of the homeowners who own and raise horses do need to perform some types of farming activities in order to maintain their property.

The majority of injuries and fatalities occur because of machinery (particularly tractor overturns), but 19% of fatalities in 2012 involved motor vehicles (including ATVs) and 16% were due to drowning.

Every day approximately 167 agricultural workers suffer an injury which forces them to take time off from work to recover. Five percent of these injuries will result in a permanent impairment or disability.

Are Farm Workers Entitled to the Same Type of Coverage?

Not all states provide workers compensation coverage for seasonal and migrant farmworkers. In the state of California, however, farm workers are as entitled to workers compensation as any other type of worker. This is important as farmworkers will often forgo receiving much needed treatment or they may go into debt to receive medical care.

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These directions are from Google Maps starting from:
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  1. Get on I-210 W from Foothill Blvd
  2. Head south on Rey Terrace Way towards Jimenez St
  3. Turn right onto Jimenez St
  4. Turn left onto Brainard Ave
  5. Turn right onto Foothill Blvd
  6. Turn right onto the Interstate 210 W slip road to Sacramento
  7. Take CA-118 W and I-405 S to Haskell Ave. Take exit 65 from I-405 S
  8. Merge onto I-210 W
  9. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 6B for CA-118 W/Ronald Reagan Freeway towards Paxton St
  10. Continue onto CA-118 W
  11. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 42B to merge onto I-405 S towards Santa Monica
  12. Take exit 65 towards Victory Blvd/Van Nuys
  13. Take Victory Blvd to Van Nuys Blvd
  14. Use any lane to turn left onto Haskell Ave
  15. Turn left onto Victory Blvd
  16. Turn right onto Van Nuys Blvd
  17. Destination will be on the left

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