Why hire Turchin Law for your Work Injury Case?

Turchin Law is different because our lawyers spent decades as insurance company insiders and know exactly how the insurance company and your employer are evaluating your case.

Turchin Law was born out of decades of working for employers and insurance companies. What does it mean to hire a workers comp lawyer who has decades of experience working for the same companies we now fight on every case? After handling thousands of workers’ compensation cases on behalf of the defense industry, our view of your case includes a deep understanding of the defense playbook. Knowing the way the insurance company claims adjusters review your case, the checklists they use to value a settlement, and how insurance companies decide which issues to fight is of vital importance to you receiving the best legal representation possible. Because Turchin Law’s attorneys used to work hand in hand with the adjusters that handle every workers’ compensation claim for the insurance companies, Turchin Law knows exactly what buttons to push so that your case does not drag out and to help us identify the best time to resolve your case at the critical point where its value is at its highest. These are some of the invaluable perks that every one of our clients enjoys that most firms simply cannot provide.

After decades of providing legal counsel to the insurance companies, we frankly had a crisis of conscience. Instead of helping huge insurance companies profit by reducing injured workers’ recoveries, we recognized that this knowledge provided us a golden opportunity to help real people who lives have been altered by the fact that they were victims of an injury at work. The satisfaction that comes with helping Turchin Law’s clients overcome workplace accidents is far more rewarding than increasing the profits of a faceless insurance company. The insurance companies and their army of lawyers view every case with skepticism. In their view, workplace injuries either did not really happen at work or, if the accident was witnessed, they instead claim that the injured worker is exaggerating their claims to defraud the insurance company.

After years of drinking that Kool-Aid, we at Turchin Law realized that this attitude toward workplace injuries might stop some false claims, but that many, many more real claims end up getting caught up in the witch hunt and result in workers having to fight to prove their claims are real as opposed to concentrating on getting the best medical care possible to ensure the best recovery. Now that we have dedicated our lives to protecting injured workers, we are able to turn that knowledge of the insurance industry into a benefit geared to increase the value of your case. It is precisely this insider knowledge that has made Turchin Law one of the pre-eminent workers’ compensation law firms in California.


Turchin Law recognizes that it is often difficult for injured workers to maintain a good relationship with their employer after a claim is filed and we are dedicated to helping keep that relationship solid.

At Turchin Law, we also know that there are “politics” involved in most work injury cases. How often have you heard about or were even the victim of discrimination because you filed a work comp claim? Time and again, we hear from our clients about coworkers who are jealous about an injured worker’s time away from work while he or she recovers. Even if your employer can bring you back to work on modified duties while you continue to receive medical treatment, coworkers assume you are getting special treatment when the reality is that you are still recovering from your injuries. What about when your supervisor starts treating you differently simply because you made a claim or even tries to pressure you not to file a claim? These examples just scratch the surface of potential problems injured workers face trying to deal with their workplace injuries.

After decades of providing advice to employers about such hostile work environments, we understand the concerns of employers and know how to advise you to make sure that any discrimination you may suffer from filing a workers’ compensation claim is minimized. A major part of our job at Turchin Law is to help you navigate the workplace politics that often come into play in workers’ compensation cases. At Turchin Law, we recognize that the vast majority of people who suffer a workplace injury go back to work and that part of our job is to make that return as smooth as possible. Part of that process is the respect that Turchin Law carries in the industry. Insurance companies and their employer clients know that at Turchin Law we do not see our clients as just another case and that we will take the steps to protect our clients from such discrimination. More importantly, by recognizing these issues, we are able to counsel our clients on how to handle these types of problems from the get go to nip them in the bud and keep these issues from becoming major problems.

There are of course times when all our efforts still cannot stop a client from suffering from discrimination at their employment following a work injury. In those cases, we are fully prepared to assert discrimination claims on your behalf which open up the opportunity for penalties under Labor Code section 132a of up to $10,000 as well as reinstatement of past benefits and protection against further discrimination through obtaining Court Orders to protect our clients.

We know the best doctors in the industry to treat every type of workplace injury whether or not they are part of a medical provider network

Critical to your case are the physicians responsible for treating your work-related injuries. We invite you to perform some research on workers’ compensation fraud in California. You will learn that a major part of fraud is due to illegal relationships between injured workers’ attorneys and the doctors that perform treatment where doctors pay money to attorneys for sending injured workers to their offices for treatment. At Turchin Law, we would never accept payment for referring our clients to a physician. We choose the highest quality doctors not by what they pay, but on the quality of medical care given to our clients.

Also, with decades of experience, we know the best physicians in the industry. Whether it be a doctor who specializes in bones and joints, aggravation of diabetes or hypertension, depression due to pain and the inability to get back to work, we work with only the best physicians in California. Even if the insurance company has a Medical Provider Network which is a California authorized network of physicians, Turchin Law maintains a library of hundreds of physicians so that we can make the best choice of physician who will be dedicated to treating your injuries and helping you achieve the best recovery possible. At the same time, our knowledge and experience helps us avoid the physicians who we know are in the pocket of the insurance company and care little about your well being. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise — every Medical Provider Network contains physicians who do not bend to the will of the insurance companies and who will put the interests of the injured worker first. We will identify those physicians for you to ensure you receive the best care possible.

With hundreds of depositions of doctors under our collective belts, at Turchin Law there is virtually no medical issue that we have not seen. Because of that knowledge and experience, we know when doctor opinions need to be challenged or otherwise clarified and, most importantly, we know the right questions to ask to get the best opinions on your medical condition and impairment associated with your workplace injury. Being able to speak with doctors in their own “language” is critical to ensuring that every doctor reporting in your case addresses all issues in the best light possible for your individual case. At Turchin Law, we take pride in our successes in getting the best medical opinions possible to make sure every aspect of your case is properly addressed before we proceed to Trial.

At Turchin Law, we recognize that chronic conditions our clients may have suffered from for many years can be aggravated by their workplace injury.

If you have underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, a stroke, a heart attack, arthritis or one of the many other diseases that so many Americans suffer from on a daily basis, it is critical that your lawyer and the doctors you are sent to are informed about these issues. Why? Because most chronic conditions such as those listed above can be aggravated by your workplace injury. Many clients who suffer from hypertension, for instance, find that their blood pressure levels rise as a consequence of dealing with pain and anxiety stemming from their injuries. Our clients who suffer from diabetes often find that their blood sugar is more difficult to keep in check following a work related injury. It is not our clients’ fault that they suffer these unintended consequences from their work injury, but it is certainly a real problem. At Turchin Law, we recognize these connections between workplace injuries and the aggravation of these underlying medical conditions and we can ensure that you receive not only treatment during your case, but the right to lifetime medical to treat these aggravations for the rest of our clients’ lives.